Surroundings of Třeboň
The town of Třeboň has approximately 10,000 inhabitants, is the center of the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area and is located in the UNESCO biosphere reserve. The city center is a city monument reserve, whose origins date back to the mid-12th century.
Lovers of sports, regeneration, relaxation and great food will certainly find plenty of personal affection here. Thanks to the famous fishing, there are several fish restaurants in the city, where you can taste delicious fish delicacies and beer lovers will appreciate a visit to the local brewery Regent.
There are also a number of beautiful hiking, biking and mileage routes for inline skating.
Thanks to its location, Třeboň offers quick access to nearby attractive places, including Český Krumlov (45 km), České Budějovice (25 km), Jindřichův Hradec (30 km) or Hluboká nad Vltavou (30 km).
If you want to go even further, you can discover the beauties of Lipno and lovers of forests and mountains will appreciate the nearby Novohradské Mountains and the entire Šumava.

Aurora Spa
The spa is located about 400 m from our hotel, in a quiet environment on the shores of the pond Svět large forest park. The spa house specializes primarily in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, post-traumatic and post-operative conditions, rheumatic diseases and overall regeneration of the body and mind. Thanks to the inexhaustible reserves of "Třeboň Black Gold" - Aurora - a healing bog (baths, wraps and other procedures), a very popular place for the treatment of health problems. The spa also includes a swimming pool with salt water and water attractions, an aqua center, a sauna world and many other possibilities for relaxation and rest.

Fishing Třeboň
The Třeboň region is literally a famous landscape of fishermen not only in our country, but also in Europe. Fishing in the Třeboň region has always been a very popular activity. Every year, many fishermen come for trophy catches, or to catch the famous Třeboň carp here. It is not necessary to have a ČRS fishing license to fish on ponds, just a purchased permit.

Třeboň Brewery
Třeboň Brewery is a brewery selling beer under the Bohemia Regent brand.
Located in the historic center of Trebon and 2.5 km from our hotel. It has a tradition of several hundred years.


Třeboň Chateau
Renaissance chateau Třeboň is one of the largest chateau complexes in the Czech Republic and a famous tourist monument. The buildings of the Třeboň chateau form the western face of Masaryk Square, to which the chateau complex is seamlessly connected. Distance from our hotel are only 2 km.

Masaryk Square in Třeboň
Masaryk Square is the center of the historic part of Třeboň, located 2.5 km from our hotel, it consists of burgher houses with arcades and Renaissance and Baroque gables, most of which have just been declared a national cultural monument.

Schwarzenberg tomb in the middle of the Třeboň park in Domanín
The Schwarzenberg Tomb is an octagonal neo-Gothic building near Třeboň and is located in the middle of an English landscape park on the opposite bank of the Svět pond. It is located 3.5 km from our hotel.

Třeboň Museum and Gallery
In addition to the permanent exhibits, there are short-term exhibitions throughout the year and an Advent exhibition of trees.
The association also organizes interesting lectures and discussions in the museum. The distances are only 2 km.